If you have ever heard of Landmannalaugar, we have good news. There is more places of this kind in Iceland. The country’s interior highlands definitely offer a unique and adventurous experience. You firstly drive through the crowded Golden Circle to get dazed in the barren desolation of Kjölur route. Take a deep breath and soothe your senses in Hveravellir hot spring, before getting shrouded by the cold breeze in Husavík, in the North. You explore geological pearls around the Mývatn Lake. Next, you hop back on the ride to the South through completely isolated central highlands of Sprengisandur. After the black desert, you get thunderstruck by multi-coloured dramatic mountains of famous Landmannalaugar. Get a grip, go on a hike, and first of all, join us on this exciting journey to an unearthly world.

Prices starting from

145.000 ISK per person

1,164 USD | 1.025 EUR | 919 GBP | 1,533 CAD



Day 1 - Kjölur

You begin the tour by driving through the crowded Golden Circle up to the outback desolation of Kjölur route. It is worth to do a detour to the beautiful colourful mountain range of Kerlingarfjöll. The barren landscape between the glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull leads you next to a little oasis of Hveravellir. It is a geothermal area of fumaroles and hot springs, where you can relax in a luscious human-made bathing pool. Upon request you may stay over the night in a cabin and explore the area more. Otherwise, you continue driving towards the North. Accommodation is scheduled in the area.

The driving distance for this day is +- 334km.

Day 2 - Mývatn - Húsavík

Today you drive to the lake Mývatn, tourist and ornithological honeypot. It serves you diverse landscape of a lake created in a large basaltic lava eruption, volcanic craters and peculiar lava formations of Dimmuborgir. After a long day, you can relax in Mývatn Nature Baths, geothermal natural pool, northern Iceland’s version of the Blue Lagoon. Then you move on to the North to visit Húsavík. It is a charming fishing village best known as the country’s greatest spot for whale watching. Stay overnight in the Mývatn area.

The driving distance for this day is +- 321km.



Day 3 - Mývatn - Askja

Today is ideal to explore the surroundings of the Lake Mývatn. You drive to the South through the bare land up to majestic Askja. It is an utterly desolate volcanic caldera, filled up with water that forms Öskjuvatn, second deepest lake in Iceland. On the side of it, there is a little tephra crater Víti with sapphire-blue geothermal water. Enjoy the hike in this picturesque surrounding and consider a bath in Víti pool. If you have enough time, you can also visit the new lava field in Holuhraun, north of Vatnajökull and the unique Kverkfjöll geothermal area located on the glacier. At the end you drive back to Mývatn and stay there another night.

The driving distance for this day is +- 268km.

Day 4 - Sprengisandur

You head back to the central highlands through Sprengisandur old track. It goes across bleak deserted land and offers fairly easy drive. However, it used to be a subject of many legends and ghost stories, so just in case keep your eyes open. You may also enjoy stunning views of Þórisvatn lake, Vatnajökull and Hofsjökull glaciers from the road. You can stay an extra night in the rural area upon request.

The driving distance for this day is +- 281km.



Day 5 - Landmannalaugar

Today you keep driving through this barren land up to the moment when the landscape becomes unbelievably colorful with steaming hot springs. It is a clear sign that you arrived in Landmannalaugar wonderland. The fuss at the base is caused by numerous hikers starting here famous Laugavegurinn trail. You can find peace in the hills above though. There is also a popular hot pot where you can take a bath. Spend a night in Landmannalaugar area.

The driving distance for this day is +- 40km.

Day 6 - Fjallabak N

This day is dedicated to further exploration of Fjallabak Nature Reserve. The whole region was formed in the volcanic eruptions and has been affected by geothermal activity. Its majestic multi-coloured rhyolite and obsidian mountains together with numerous lakes and jaggy lava flows creates true wonderland. It is a lot of fun driving up and down on these gravel roads, crossing several un-bridged rivers and visiting places like Ljótipollur crater or Frostastaðavatn lake. You should also take breaks, step out of the car and enjoy beauty and peace of this pure nature. You can do one of several hikes in the area, ex. to the top of Bláhnúkur crater. You drive the passage of Fjallabak north to the lowlands arriving close to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Your accommodation for the night will be in the south coast.

The driving distance for this day is +- 94km.



Day 7 - South Coast to Reykjavík

The South Coast and its various popular attractions are the goal of today. You head past Vík village surrounded by some of the most beautiful attractions of the south coast. You can visit Reynisfjara black beach, the cliffs Reynisdrangar and Dyrhólaey in the nearest surroundings. After seeing these breathtaking views enjoy a relaxing drive through the lowlands with stopping by all the points of interest. Don’t miss the waterfalls on the way, the impressive Skógafoss inland on your right and Seljalandsfoss, the one that tumbles over rocky scarp into a pool, leaving some room between the water and the wall, for the stirring walks behind the waterfall.

The driving distance for this day is +- 297km.


What payment methods do you accept?

Ísafold Travel accepts VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. Should you wish to pay by other methods, such as Wire Transfer, please contact us on info@isafoldtravel.is prior to making the booking.

What is Ísafold Travel’s cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made by e-mail or letter. In conformity with business practices within the Icelandic travel industry, the travel agent is obliged to charge cancellation fees to passenger(s) as follows, in addition to the non-refundable deposit:

More than 6 weeks prior to arrival: No additional charge
Less than 6 weeks and more than 2 weeks: 15%
Less than 2 weeks and more than 72 hours: 50%
Less than 72 hours and more than 24 hours: 75%

Less than 24 hours notice, and no-shows: 100%

We recommend that all passengers take out comprehensive travel insurance.

Does Ísafold Travel handle domestic/international flights?

Ísafold Travel does not handle or book international flights from and to Iceland for our clients. However, flights between Iceland and Greenland and domestic flights in Iceland can be arranged by us.

What is a self-drive/self-guided tour?

A self-drive or self-guided tour is a packaged tour that allows you to travel at your own pace – by yourself or in a group. We arrange everything from the vehicle to accommodation so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can just go and enjoy your own private road trip through Iceland.

Do kids get a discount on some of the activities?

Yes, depending on their age they might be eligible for a discount on some of the activities. Please write their ages in the comments while booking and the discount they are eligible for while be deducted from the remaining balance.

Is it possible to customise my tour after booking?

Yes! It’s absolutely possible to further customise your tour after booking through our website. We only require a 20% deposit to be paid up front before we start customising your tour.

Am I required to pay the full amount upon booking?

No. It’s possible to pay only a 20% deposit upon booking. The remaining amount will be required no later than 30 days before your tour starts.

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Get in touch and share your thoughts and questions with us. We will gladly help you further.

Alternatively you can check out our frequently asked questions section or it's also possible to contact us through Facebook Messenger. We answer all your questions during office hours.

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Prices & Availability

Please note that you can further customize your tour after paying the deposit.*


*It’s possible to pay a 20% deposit in advance and customize the tour you booked before requiring a full payment. However, this only applies if you are booking more than 30 days in advance of the starting date of your tour. 

What’s included?

  • Pickup & return from hotel in Reykjavík area (8:00 – 18:00)
  • Accommodation
  • Rental car with unlimited mileage, CDW insurance
  • Breakfast (except for dormitory accommodation)
  • WiFi connectivity in the car
  • GPS
  • Map of Iceland and detailed itinerary of your tour
  • Pamphlet about driving in Iceland
  • Optional meeting with travel consultant
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Taxes & service fees

What’s not included?

  • Gasoline / Diesel
  • Personal Travel Insurances
  • Additional activities
  • Meals or drinks
  • Entrance fees unless otherwise stated
  • Parking and road tunnel fees
  • Any services not listed under list of included items

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